Digital health is an on-going revolution that combines technology with personal health and genetic information to better improve the efficiency and delivery of healthcare, and make medicine more personalized and precise.


Fitness Trackers

A fitness tracker, commonly referred to as an activity tracker, is a wearable fitness device which tracks your daily fitness levels. Learn More

Sleep Trackers

We all crave a good night’s sleep or simply a better night’s sleep. The key is often a combination of factors. Learn More

Wearable Cameras

Wearable cameras are very small, discrete cameras housed as watches, glasses and other subtle wearable devices. But don’t let their size fool you, small wearable cameras are not just convenient, they snap away capturing opportune and continuous high quality photos allowing you to live in the moment. Learn More

Wearable Video Cameras

Impressively powerful, mightily robust, and incredibly versatile, small wearable video cameras fasten securely to sports helmets, chest harnesses, can be pinned to clothing or even strapped to the family pet to capture the world in motion from points of view you’ve never seen before. Learn More

What Is Digital Health?

Digital Health helps us all to track, manage and improve our own and our family’s healthcare and health. Smart communication devices – such as smartphones, and other, more specifically designed gadgets – interconnect and communicate with one another, providing healthcare professionals and patients with the means to monitor and manage illness, treatment and recovery. On the one hand, digital health refers to the collection of personal health data by specially designed electronic gadgets that monitor heart rate, sleeping patterns, calories burned etc. This data is often collected on a smartphone app, which in turn can then be sent to your doctor or other healthcare professional. Though on the other hand, digital health also refers to the aggregate collation of all of a patient’s digital healthcare data, which is then processed digitally to alert a patient to any impending medical problems. Put your hands together and you’ve got the basis of the digital healthcare revolution that is empowering patients and healthcare providers to have a more proactive and engaged role in health and wellness

Digital Health Technology

Digital health is increasingly becoming a life-saver. From tracking your own ECG to continuous blood sugar analysis to early heart attack warning systems, the digital health revolution is already saving lives, and, as the technologies advance, is set to save many, many more in the future. A massive part of the driving force behind digital health is in the digitalisation of national healthcare systems around the globe, as well as the technological advances that are enabling more highly tuned diagnostic and treatment measures for patients.
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Digital Health and Fitness

There are many wearable technologies that support and promote digital health. Fitness trackers are worn by a lot of people when trying to improve their fitness, lose weight, or otherwise monitor their overall health and wellness. Most of these trackers come with a complimentary app, which enables the device to sync with the wearer’s smartphone where the health data can be viewed and passed on to a healthcare professional. From here, your doctor or physician can set you targets and monitor your progress.

Digital Health Devices

The Jawbone UP24 helps wearers to monitor how you sleep, how you move and how you eat. By connecting to either an iOS or Android health and fitness app, the Jawbone UP24 collects you health data around the clock so you can identify patterns in your activities and thusly giving you the information you need to improve your overall quality of life. The Withings Pulse O2 monitor tracks your steps take, distance covered and calories that you burn throughout the day. Then, during the night, it monitors your sleeping patterns, and around the clock your blood oxygen levels and heart rate is monitored. The Nike+ FuelBand SE is a sports and activity tracker worn around the wrist, tracking your calories burned and steps taken. An special feature of this device is a metric called NikeFuel, which measures activity and movement in all sports undertaken.