Lifelogging cameras make the daily lives of lifeloggers shareable with the world. Clipping discreetly onto your clothing or equipment, the lifelogging camera will either snap away photographs of your everyday life, or else record to video what you see in front of you, all of which can then be logged into the cloud, or shared across your favorite social networks or personal blog.

Lifelogging Camera

Wearable Video Cameras

Impressively powerful, mightily robust, and incredibly versatile, small wearable video cameras fasten securely to sports helmets, chest harnesses, can be pinned to clothing or even strapped to the family pet to capture the world in motion from points of view you’ve never seen before. Learn More

Wearable Cameras

Wearable cameras are very small, discrete cameras housed as watches, glasses and other subtle wearable devices. But don’t let their size fool you, small wearable cameras are not just convenient, they snap away capturing opportune and continuous high quality photos allowing you to live in the moment. Learn More

Fitness Trackers

A fitness tracker, commonly referred to as an activity tracker, is a wearable fitness device which tracks your daily fitness levels. Learn More

Sleep Trackers

We all crave a good night’s sleep or simply a better night’s sleep. The key is often a combination of factors. Learn More

Lifelogging cameras and video cameras

Many lifeloggers turn to the wearable camera or wearable video camera to capture and log all of the special moments throughout the day. The best lifelogging cameras are small, powerful and attach to the wearer securely and discretely.

As the concept of lifelogging has grown and grown, so too has the innovative uses of wearable cameras and video cameras. Whereas once these devices were mainly the reserve of sports enthusiasts, used primarily to capture those high-adrenaline moments – such as when biking, surfing and skydiving – they are now becoming increasingly common for lifelogging purposes.

Initially, the concept of a wearable camera outside of the sporting and activities world was that they would be used to capture those special and memorable moments in life – birthdays, weddings, christenings, dinner parties etc. However, there is now an increasing trend in cameras that are designed to capture every single moment of a user’s life, from brushing your teeth in the morning to walking the dog after work.


Lightweight yet durable

Using wearable cameras for the purposes of lifelogging has been enabled simply due to the fact that the technology has advanced to the point where the cameras are at the same time lightweight, fashionable and discreet, as well as sturdy, durable and powerful. They attach to clothing, equipment or hang around your neck, and they are built to last, and communicate powerfully with the user’s smart device.

Wearable Cameras

The Get Narrative Clip is one of the best lifelogging wearable cameras on the market. All the photographs it captures are automatically uploaded to the cloud, and the wearer then downloads an app on their smartphone to retrieve them, log them or share them on social media.

Autographer is a small hands free camera that clips to a shirt pocket or can be worn around the neck. It is the world’s first intelligent camera, using sensors and algorithms to decipher when to take the perfect shot.


Wearable Video Cameras

The Ca7ch Lightbox is a live streaming wearable video camera that also captures high-resolution photos as well as superb quality HD video. Attaching to clothing and equipment using its patented magnetic clip, the Ca7ch Lightbox connects directly with the wearer’s iOS or Android smartphone and comes with cloud storage, making it one of the most sophisticated lifelogging devices on the market.

The MeCam HD is a brand new wearable, hands-free video camera, shooting in full 1080p HD video and includes an internal gyroscope for image stabilization. It also carries its own Wi-Fi signal, meaning that you can control the camera remotely from your smart device.

meMINI is a miniature wearable HD video camera that attaches to the wearer’s clothing via a front and back magnet.

GoPro is a larger wearable video camera, designed mainly for the extreme sports enthusiast.

Google Glass is worn like a traditional pair of eye-glasses, allowing the wearer to point and shoot using only head movements.

FlyWire is a wearable video camera, small enough to be clipped onto a pair of glasses to record the world from the wearer’s point of view.