We all crave a good night's sleep or simply a better night’s sleep. The key is often a combination of factors.

Sleep Trackers Brands

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Sleep Trackers

We all crave a good night’s sleep or simply a better night’s sleep. The key is often a combination of factors. Learn More

An Overview

Typically its people who experience fatigue throughout the day or some level of insomnia at night who begin to look for answers. Sleep trackers are great for helping you understand your current sleeping habits and patterns. Identifying improvements is crucially important to achieving a better night’s sleep. That’s where sleep trackers come into play.  

Sleep tracking Wristbands

Sleep tracker wristbands often double up as an activity tracker. Activity and sleep trackers in the main come with a free web and mobile app platform which enables you wirelessly sync, typically via Bluetooth, the data captured on your tracker. These platforms allow you to spot trends over time.  

Sleep monitoring apps

Although not a wearable, sleep apps are a great option for tracking sleep. Not only do smartphones rest by our bed side during the night, apps are a very low cost, if not free option. The best sleep tracker apps include:
Sync, via Bluetooth, the data captured on your sleep tracker. Once synced, your data will be beautifully visualzed on your online account helping you uncover your sleeping trends. It’s a great way to learn about yourself.

Sleep trackers monitor different metrics

  • Time you go to bed
  • Time you wake up
  • Total sleep time
  • Average sleep time
  • Time spent in each sleep type including light sleep, deep sleep & REM (Rapid Eye Movement)
  • Sleep quality score %

Top 10 tips for improving sleep

  1. Avoid caffeine, alcohol & nicotine
  2. Create a calm sleeping environment
  3. Establish a relaxing pre-sleep routine
  4. Sleep once you are tired
  5. Don’t watch your clock throughout the night
  6. Use light and darkness to your advantage
  7. Go to sleep & wake at similar times each day
  8. Nap early or not at all
  9. Eat light evening meals
  10. Exercise earlier rather than later in the day
Now a sleep tracker will not help you assess and measure all of the above, but it will make you sleep aware and encourage positive sleeping habits. The recommended number of hours sleep is the topic of much debate and varies person to person and by age, but there are general guidelines. For active people or those involved in sport, sleep is as important if not more important than training. The body needs sleep in order to recover and heal itself. Sports men and women are known to sleep between 9-12 hours a day so it’s important you assess your personal needs with how you are feeling. A word of warning, sleep trackers are not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease or medical condition. Please do seek medical advice for professional advise.