If you take your sport seriously, no doubt a sports tracker is a must have companion device

Sports Tracker

An Overview

Sports trackers help measure your sporting session performances enabling you to compare your current session with previous sessions. This feedback, during or post activity, acts as a motivational tool for bettering your performances and personal bests.

Where are they worn on the body?

Sports trackers now reside all over the body from your head, in the form of glasses or earphones, to your upper arm, waist, wrist down to your feet. GPS tracking has been around for many years but prices have lowered significantly. GPS tracking records the distances you travel and cross reference that with the amount of time taken to travel the distance. This is useful to calculate statistics such as speed travelled and calories burnt.

Which sports can be tracked with a sports tracker?

Ask yourself the following questions to help guide you to the right tracker. Which sports do you participate in? Which metrics do you want to monitor? Are any of your sports water based? Your answers to these questions can help determine which device you choose. Typically it is possible to track:
  • Walking, nordic walking, running, hiking
  • Mountain biking & cycling
  • Skiing; Downhill, cross country, snowboarding
  • Roller skating, roller blading
  • Rowing and kayaking

There are some wearable sport trackers that specialise in specific sports, including:


Smash is a stylish wristband offering a unique blend of technology and tennis expertise. It gives you insights and advice by tracking and monitoring your all round tennis game. Its also available on pre-order.


GAME GOLF is installed into your golf grip and tracks fairway accuracy, GIR, putts per hole by simply tapping the installed tags. Everything else is done automatically. Game Golf is available in the US, CA, UK & Ireland.

Garmin's Approach S6 is a wrist watch for golfers which is likened to having a digital caddy on your wrist.

SkyCaddie LINX Watch provides dynamic distances to the front, center and back of the green, and includes layup targets from tee to green. It's also sunlight-readable connects to SkyGolf's complimentary mobile app. SkyCaddie LINX is available in the US, CA, UK & the EU


Instabeat is the first waterproof heart-rate monitor mounted on your swimming goggles which deliveres realtime visual feedback. It tracks, stores and displays instant feedback of your heart rate to optimize your performance. Its available on pre-order right now.  

The characteristic durability and waterproofness of the sports trackers make them perfect for hazardous sports such as swimming and rock climbing, further functionalities for example can include sport specific data tracking to record lap times, personal bests and tennis swing speed.  

Swimming, cycling & all-round activity

Flyfit stands out from the pack as the world's first ankle tracker for overall fitness, cycling & swimming. Unlike sports watches and wristband activity trackers, Having reached its Kickstarter funding target, its now available for reserve.  

Sports tracker apps and web platforms

One of the most useful additions to a sports tracker in recent years is the accompanying mobile & tablet app and online account. Associated sports tracker apps are valuable for collecting, centralizing and displaying your statistics from all your sport sessions over time.