Impressively powerful, mightily robust, and incredibly versatile, wearable video cameras fasten securely to sports helmets, chest harnesses, can be pinned to clothing or even strapped to the family pet to capture the world in motion from points of view you’ve never seen before.  


Available now for pre-order, Ca7ch have invented a waterproof wearable video camera that magnetically clips to your clothing, and then communicates with your smartphone so you can share your hair-raising and magic moments alike across your social networks in real-time.
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Go Pro

Go Pro

GoPro is the unrivalled brand of wearable cameras for the extreme sports enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies out there surfing the waves of extremity. It’s a little bulkier than some of its rivals, but all the more robust for it, and, with its waterproof casing, it can be fastened to any helmet, harness or handlebar whatever the weather.
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An Overview

Slightly larger than photo-only wearable cameras, wearable video cameras nonetheless tend to be small, lightweight and slick devices that attach to your person (or your four legged friend). They film the world around you continuously as you keep your hands (and paws) free to cycle, climb mountains, or just boogie on down to the dance floor at your brother’s wedding.

Hands Free

The world has always needed wearable video camera technology. From filming underground exploration to skydiving to mountaineering, the need to keep your hands free to work whilst still being able to record what you’re doing has existed for decades. And now it’s here. You’ll see wearable video cameras on police.

FlyWire: FlyWire claims to be the world’s smallest, most flexible HD wearable camera. Fitting on a pair of glasses, this miniature camera sees the world exactly as the wearer sees it, negating the need for looking through view finders or phone screens.

MeCam: This tiny wearable video camera can be pinned to a shirt, worn as a necklace, or otherwise attached to any item of clothing or indeed anything at all to capture the world from that point of view. Looking and fastening exactly like a pin-button and the footage captured on the MeCam is uploaded later via USB to the wearer’s computer. officers, extreme sports people, medical professionals, and now the technology has improved to an affordable rate, they are being worn and used by sports recreationists and everyday party goers too.

Any Angle, Anytime, Anywhere

Whether you’re a keen canoeist, a serene surfer, a bonkers bungee jumper, or a monster for your motorcycle, the ability to capture your activities on film can create a whole new perspective on what you love to do the most. Wearable video cameras are robust yet lightweight, and the best ones out there can even be rendered waterproof, meaning that an action need never be missed, no matter what the activity. Easily mountable pretty much anywhere on the body or equipment, wearable video cameras can capture any angle from anywhere at anytime.

But the technology is not solely the reserve of sports extremists. All those special occasions that you never want to forget – weddings, birthdays, christenings, fancy dress parties or the Christmas shindig at the office – with a wearable video camera nobody need ever miss a moment.

More Wearable Video Camera Brands

meMINI: The wearable video camera by meMINI is marketed more towards the casual wearer who wants to capture the magic moments in life, rather than the sports extremist. Recording in HD, the camera’s Recall function allows the wearer to track back in time up to 5 minutes so that special moment need never be lost.

Google Glass: Fashion truly met technology with the Google Glass. An eye-piece that is attached to the wearer’s spectacles, recording video is not the primary function of the device, but combined with its music player, message sending, navigation and a whole host of other features, the Google Glass is certainly one piece of futuristic wearable tech that might be for you.